Access control

This cookbook shows you how to use the Fauna access control feature with FQL queries.

Access control involves authentication with a Fauna database and user authorization to act on database resources. After you connect to a database, attribute-based access control (ABAC) authorizes the actions you can take. Successful authentication and authorization allow you to securely access your data and make it easy to query databases from any network-connected context.

These tutorials cover access control patterns using the Shell. See the Access control topic for information on how to set up your environment to run these examples.

What you’ll find here

Set up the access control tutorials

Set up your environment to run the access control tutorials.

Create a key for a built-in roles

This tutorial covers how to work with the Fauna built-in roles.

Create user-defined roles

This tutorial covers how to create and work with user-defined roles.

Log in and log out

This tutorial shows how to associate users with a token to grant members access to database resources.

Create a sign-in function

This tutorial shows how to create a function to sign in users.

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