Multifactor authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) allows you to improve your account security by requiring another form of verification when signing in using your email and password.


MFA is currently only available if you authenticated using an email and password combination. If you authenticated using an identity provider (IdP), such as Auth0, you can configure MFA through the IdP.

Configure MFA

  1. Click the user icon in the upper right and choose the Personal Settings menu item.

  2. Under Multifactor Authentication, select SET-UP-MULTIFACTOR-AUTHENTICATION button.

  3. Enter your password and click VERIFY.

  4. Follow the instructions prompting you to download a one-time password (OTP) application, such as Google Authenticator, to your iOS or Android mobile device.

  5. In the OTP application, add a new account or open your mobile device camera and scan the QR code displayed in the dialog.

  6. The OTP application displays an OTP that you can use to log in to the Dashboard. Enter the OTP in the dialog.

    OTP codes are time-based. If the OTP code expires before you use it, use the updated code.

  7. The Dashboard displays a list of one-time-use recovery codes that can be used to access your account if your mobile device is lost or inoperative. Save the recovery codes and select the checkbox to confirm that you have saved the codes.

  8. Click the Enable MFA button to complete MFA configuration. The OTP displayed on your mobile device is now required when you log in to your Fauna account.

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