Welcome to the FaunaDB documentation!

Welcome to the FaunaDB documentation!

Get started with FaunaDB

If you are new to FaunaDB, we recommend checking out What is FaunaDB?, trying out the Quick start with FaunaDB Shell, and then working through How to Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete Objects in FaunaDB.


The Tutorials section describes how to perform various data storage, retrieval, and querying tasks.

The Cookbook section provides code examples that demonstrate a variety of FaunaDB queries.

The Fauna Query Language (FQL) section describes all of the functions available for writing FaunaDB queries, as well as coverage of data types, documents, collections, databases, indexes, and sets.

The Drivers section describes how to install and use all of the language-specific FQL drivers available for FaunaDB.

The Security section provides details about FaunaDB’s keys, tokens, secrets, and attribute-based access control (ABAC).

The Concepts section talks through important FaunaDB concepts, such as isolation levels, and billing.

The Glossary defines terms helpful for understanding and working with FaunaDB.

The Release Notes section summarizes FaunaDB and FaunaDB Dashboard changes by release.


If you have questions about the documentation, or discover any issues that need to be fixed, kindly email us at docs@fauna.com.