Learn: User-defined functions

We recommend you use FSL to create and update user-defined functions (UDFs). See Function schema.

Fauna stores user-defined functions (UDFs) as documents in the Function system collection.

These documents act as an FQL version of the FSL function schema. See Function document definition.

You can use the following methods to access UDFs in FQL.

Static methods

Method Description

Dynamically get the Function by name.

Get the Set of all accessible user-defined Function documents.

Get a user-defined Function document by its name.

Create a user-defined Function document.

Get the first matching accessible user-defined Function document.

Get the name of the Function collection as a string.

Get the Set of matching accessible user-defined Function documents.

Instance methods

Method Description

Delete a function.

Verify that a function exists.

Replace function fields.

Update function fields.

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