This section of the Fauna documentation includes a description of the architectural data model and hands-on tutorials as learning resources for developing database applications.

What you’ll find here

Data model

This section of the Fauna documentation describes the schema naming and taxonomy of the data model and the structural and behavioral components of the model.

Security model

This section describes Fauna authentication and access control security features. The Fauna security design makes it easy to query your databases from any network-connected context, including a web browser.

Basic cookbook

Follow these how-tos for a learning experience that walks you through practical, hands-on familiarization with key Fauna concepts and techniques. The cookbook is organized as a graduated set of recipes, progressing from setting up and validating your environment, through the most common or basic operations, to more advanced tasks. You can start in the cookbook with the tutorial that matches your level of experience.

Advanced cookbook

These how-to guides build on the Basic cookbook, introducing you to more advanced Fauna functionality and language features.

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