Driver versioning strategy

This section describes the versioning strategy for the Fauna drivers, and what that means for your applications.

Each driver release can differ from previous versions in function output and behavior. It is important to test your application in a QA environment before deploying driver updates to production.

Stable releases

Releases with a whole number are a new, stable feature release. Such releases include production-ready features and fixes from previous releases.

Point releases

Bug fixes or improvements that don’t affect the behavior of Fauna queries might be required from time to time for a driver. For example, there might be a JavaScript 3.1 driver, and a Go 3.4 driver. Point releases are also considered stable, but typically don’t introduce any new features.

Preview releases

Upcoming features are provided in preview releases, where the version is a higher whole number than the current stable release and has the -preview suffix. As preview releases include in-development features, which might not work, preview releases should only be used for testing or in non-production application environments. There is no guarantee that any feature in a preview release would remain unchanged for the next stable release.

Preview releases might occur with some regularity, but don’t expect periodic scheduled release.

Backwards compatibility

As of API version 3, each driver sends its API version to the Fauna server with each query. The server guarantees that each supported API version behaves as initially released. For example, if an existing function requires a behavior change in, say, the version 4 release, queries using version 3 drivers continue to execute with unchanged behavior.

For drivers older than API version 3 which don’t specify their API version, the default API version is 2.12.


Over time, API versions might be deprecated. All API version capability and behavior continues to function until the full version is deprecated and removed. Deprecation notification is given for at least one year before removal of an API version.

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