Plan details

See the Global limits documentation for global limits.

See the Fauna Support Policy & Service Level Agreement for the available support levels.


Transactional Read Operation (TRO)

Fauna read operations. Fauna ensures strong consistency of all read transactions through strictly serializability based on their position in a global transaction log because the order reflects the real-time processing order. Read-only transactions are serializable with an added consistent-prefix Read Your Own Writes (RYOW) guarantee. See the Fauna ACID compliance documentation.

Transactional Write Operation (TWO)

Fauna write operations. Like TROs, Fauna provides strict serializability for write operations, which is recognized as the ideal consistency model.

Transactional Compute Operation (TCO)

Fauna compute operations. In addition to storage-related operations, compute operations are required to manipulate data and include user-defined functions.

Plan throughput limits

Free / PAYG Startup Pro / Free Trial Enterprise Virtual Private Fauna

Transactional Read Ops (TROs) per second

1 K

4 K

8 K



Transactional Write Ops (TWOs) per second


1 K

2 K



Transactional Compute Ops (TCOs) per second

1 K

4 K

8 K



Query read ops per second, write ops per second, and compute ops per second throughput service limits are enforced by the Fauna API and are restricted based on your current plan definition.

Exceeding plan throughput limits results in a 429 response code. Pro and higher plans get a warning before seeing the 429 response.

Exceeding the plan limits doesn’t cause your account to be paused. Database usage beyond the limits is billed at the on-demand metering rate.

See Usage billing details for more detailed information.

Plan downgrades

If you want to downgrade your current to a lower plan or to the Free plan, you must contact

  • There are no self-service downgrades.

  • The downgrade to the new plan occurs on the first business day of the following month. Your current plan remains in effect until then.

  • There is no "stop all charges now" option.

  • During the downgrade, a final invoice for the current plan is generated that covers the usage in the current month, including on-demand metering incurred since the downgrade request.

  • After the downgrade is complete, the new plan takes effect.

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