Query log

To use the query log feature, you must have a Pro or Enterprise plan.

The Query Log feature allows you to download and analyze raw query logs using the Dashboard, Shell, or API. The annotated, near real-time and historical logs give you database observability of your environment over a given time interval.

You can then manually upload the logs to a third-party service and aggregate on properties, such as query-, UDF-, and index levels, using heuristics to understand usage at a query instance level.


Query log features include:

  • The ability to request and download query logs for a database or Region Group for a defined time range.

  • The ability to request query logs at the database level or the Region Group level by omitting the optional database parameter in the request. Query log requests are against a Region Group.

  • The ability to specify a W3C-compliant trace header for coordinating analysis across services.

  • The ability to tag queries to aid in debugging query workflows.

  • Configuring and downloading query logs can be done through an API and the UI.


  • There is currently a delay of 30 seconds to about ten minutes from when a query is executed to when it is available for export. Request logs for at least ten minutes in the past.

  • Logs can be requested for a maximum interval of 90 days. Logs can be requested up to a future date and are returned up to that date.

  • You can’t get logs for queries issued before January 18, 2023, or more than one year today.

  • Exports are available for download for up to seven days. New URLs can be created as many times as needed in the seven-day window.

  • Authentication and authorization require an account key.

  • For Dashboard query log operations, some logs might not include a database name.

  • For programmatic query log operations, some logs might include entries generated from the Dashboard.

  • Query log download links are valid until the expiration time indicated in the API request presigned_url_expiration_time field. A new URL is generated with every Dashboard log request, which allows you to extend the logs indefinitely.

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