List child databases.


fauna list-databases [OPTIONS]


The list-databases command lists child databases. If command line options are omitted, Fauna uses the default configuration file options.

You can’t use this command to list parent or peer databases.

To access a database outside of the current database, use the Fauna Dashboard.


Option Description


(Optional) Fauna server domain, which is the Fauna hostname.
Default =


(Optional) Endpoint name to use for the command.


(Optional) Connection port.
Default = 8443


(Optional) Connection scheme. Must be one of:
       https (default)


(Optional) Secret to use to connect to a database.


(Optional) connection timeout, in milliseconds. When the interval elapses, fauna-shell times out and displays an error.
Default = 0, wait indefinitely until a response is received.


(Optional) Fauna Query Language version
       v10 = (default) FQL v10
       v4 = FQL v4


fauna list-databases
listing databases

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