endpoint add

Add an endpoint to ~/.fauna-shell.


fauna endpoint add [NAME] [--non-interactive --url <value> --secret <value>] [--set-default]


Add an endpoint to ~/.fauna-shell.

The cloud-login command steps you through selecting a Region Group to connect to and is the preferred way to add an endpoint. Use the endpoint add command if you want to connect to a non-standard endpoint.


Argument Description


Endpoint name.

The Fauna CLI identifies the URL scheme, domain, and port and includes those values in the new endpoint entry that it creates in the configuration file.


Option Description


Disable interaction.


Database secret.


Sets this environment as the default environment.


Database URL.


Help for endpoint add command.


fauna add-endpoint


fauna endpoint add
fauna endpoint add localhost --url http://localhost:8443/ --key secret
fauna endpoint add localhost --set-default

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