A credential combines a document id and a password to uniquely identify a person, service, system, or process that needs to run privileged queries.

Credentials are used to authenticate identities that need access to database resources. The login() and Token.create() methods create a Token document that works with Roles to authorize resource access. Role documents control identity-based authorization by configuring the membership and privileges associated with database resources.

Except for documents in server native collections, any document can have an associated credential.

See the Credential document definition

Static methods

Method Description

Get all the identities.

Get a document credential.

Get a credential by its ID.

Create a credential.

Get the first credential matching a predicate function.

Get the name of the Credential collection as a string.

Get identities matching a predicate function.

Instance methods

Method Description

Delete a credential.

Test a credential exists.

Log in to Fauna.

Replace a credential.

Update a credential.

Password verification.

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