Update document data field contents.


updateData(object: {*: any}): <Document>


The updateData() method updates the document data field with the object fields and returns the updated document. During the update, object fields are copied to the document data field, creating new fields or updating existing fields. The operation is similar to a merge.

Only the fields included in object are updated, all other document fields aren’t updated. Fields with nested objects in object are merged with the identically named nested object in the document.

To remove a document field, set its value in object to null.


Parameter Type Required Description




Object with the updated document fields.

Return value

Type Description


Document with updated data fields.


Given the following document:

  id: "392886847463751746",
  coll: Product,
  ts: Time("2099-04-10T16:50:12.850Z"),
  name: "limes",
  description: "Organic, 1 ct",
  price: 0.65

Call updateData() with the id and coll fields in the object. These fields have the same name as reserved metadata fields.

  id: "12345",
  coll: "Product",
  name: "key limes",
  quantity: 100
  id: "392886847463751746",
  coll: Product,
  ts: Time("2099-04-10T17:02:43.846Z"),
  name: "key limes",
  description: "Organic, 1 ct",
  price: 0.65,
  quantity: 100,
  data: {
    coll: "Product",
    id: "12345"

Rather than return an error, updateData() treats any field with a reserved name as a document field and nests it in the document’s data property.

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