FQL v4 will be decommissioned on June 30, 2025. Ensure that you complete your migration from FQL v4 to FQL v10 by that date.

For more details, see the v4 EOL announcement and migration guide. Contact support@fauna.com with any questions.

Index recipes

This section provides recipes for managing indexes:


Indexes are used to search your documents, allowing you to specify which document fields to search for and which to return for matching entries. To query a collection using search and/or sort criteria, you must first create an index with the necessary attributes to support your query.

Indexes are similar to SQL indexes in that they accelerate document lookups, but they are also similar to SQL views where you can control the presentation of the results for matching entries. Unlike SQL indexes, Fauna indexes are required to perform most search and sorting operations.

Fauna uses log-structured merge-tree indexes, unlike most SQL systems, which use B-tree indexes.

For more information, see Indexes.

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