FQL v4 will be decommissioned on June 30, 2025. Ensure that you complete your migration from FQL v4 to FQL v10 by that date.

For more details, see the v4 EOL announcement and migration guide. Contact support@fauna.com with any questions.


This section introduces Fauna as a database, and the high-level concepts that you need to understand to use it effectively.

What is Fauna?

Provides an overview of the Fauna database and service.

Key Concepts

Provides a summary of Fauna’s features.

Data model, querying, and security

Describes the various schema features that you can use to model your data in Fauna.

Plan your data management strategy

Outlines factors to consider when adopting or migrating to Fauna for your database needs.

FQL for SQL users

Provides a translation for a variety of common SQL query statements into their Fauna equivalents.

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