FQL v4 will be decommissioned on June 30, 2025. Ensure that you complete your migration from FQL v4 to FQL v10 by that date.

For more details, see the v4 EOL announcement and migration guide. Contact support@fauna.com with any questions.


This section describes recommended best practices for ensuring security.

Key management

Periodically, revoke existing keys and generate and distribute new keys. See Keys for more information about working with keys.

Use Admin keys sparingly. Keys associated with custom roles that confer specific privileges provided increased security. See User-defined role for more information about working with roles.

ABAC role considerations

  • Limit the scope of operations used in ABAC role predicates wherever possible. ABAC roles are evaluated for every query, which can impact overall performance.

  • While ABAC roles can be used to filter out documents that should not be readable by the current client, such filtering can involve evaluating every document in a collection. Instead, use indexes for filtering.

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