Sample apps

Here you’ll find a series of sample applications with varying levels of complexity, to help you on-board and accelerate your mastery of Fauna.

All apps require a Fauna account. If you don’t have one, sign up before proceeding.


These apps are for users who are new to Fauna.

Todo using vanilla JS
Todo using vanilla JS

A simple todo app, using Fauna for data management with a JavaScript/HTML frontend.

Vercel guestbook
Vercel guestbook

Deploy a simple guestbook application, using Next.js and hosted on Vercel, with one click.

Event Streaming with React

Event Streaming with React

Build a React application that uses Fauna event streaming.

Here is another sample application for you to try:


Intermediate-level sample apps are recommended for users who have experience with Fauna and application development, and are looking for more complex examples in a real-world application environment.


Faunaflix mimics a video streaming service for kids. It uses transactions, relationships/joins, and Fauna or third-party auth.

Serverless API
Serverless API

A simple REST API for accessing and manipulating records in a Fauna database. Requires an AWS account.


Ready to dive into the deep end? The apps in this section show advanced features and techniques.


Rethinking the serverless app, Fwitter is a more complex example that shows some of the more powerful Fauna features, including authentication, transactions, and advanced indexing.


AWS Workshop

AWS Fauna Workshop

Build a real-world event-driven serverless application using AWS services, such as AWS Lambda, Step Functions, API Gateway.

Cloudflare Workshop

Cloudflare Workshop

Build a globally distributed, full-stack application using Cloudflare Pages, Next.js, and Fauna.

Fauna Labs

Language-specific apps created to help you get started with Fauna. Fauna Labs is a collection of tooling and examples to help you build with Fauna more effectively. From Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools to single sign-on (SSO) application templates, Fauna Labs has resources to help you deliver applications more quickly with Fauna.

Serverless plugin

Serverless Framework plugin usage example.

AWS App Runner

Shows how to deploy a REST API with AWS App Runner and Fauna.

Sample shop API

This app is available in multiple language implementations:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? See full list of Fauna community-built apps. View unofficial sample apps

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