Each Fauna driver requires an import stanza. For more detailed platform installation instructions, consult the README for your particular driver.

using FaunaDB.Client;
using FaunaDB.Types;

using static FaunaDB.Query.Language;
import (
  f ""
import com.faunadb.client.FaunaClient;
import static com.faunadb.client.query.Language.*;
var faunadb = require('faunadb')
var q = faunadb.query
from faunadb import query as q
from faunadb.objects import Ref
from faunadb.client import FaunaClient
import faunadb.FaunaClient
import faunadb.query._
Not available for the Shell language, since the Web Shell
in the Dashboard, or in fauna-shell, takes care of imports
for you.

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