Release notes - Fauna API and drivers

These release notes cover new features, enhancements, and bugs fixed since the 2.12.0 release.

API Version 4 - released 2020-11-18


  • Added support for document streaming. Once a client subscribes to a document’s event stream, it is notified by Fauna of document events, such as update and delete, immediately.

  • Added support for third-party authentication: you can now use an identity provider, such as Auth0, to authenticate users and permit them to execute queries within your database. See External authentication for details.

  • Added new functions specifically for third-party authentication:

  • Added new functions to help distinguish between users stored in your Fauna database from external identities:

  • The Python driver now supports all of the type check functions (IsArray and related). The Python driver now supports most of the math and type conversion functions, such as Pow and ToObject.

  • The Java driver now requires Java 11. With that change, we have replaced the Netty HTTP client with the Java HTTP client, and upgraded the authentication scheme from Basic to Bearer.

API Version 3 - released 2020-08-18

The Fauna API, embodied in the interactions between the core database server and the drivers, follows a new version strategy beginning with this release.


  • Added short-circuit behavior to the And and Or functions.

  • Added a new function, Reverse to reverse the order of sets and pages.

  • Added an alias of the Contains function called ContainsPath, and deprecated the Contains function.

  • Added the new functions ContainsField and ContainsValue functions, to make it easier to explore the structure of objects and documents.

  • Add api_version support to Lambda functions, so that a user-created function continues to behave consistently as the Fauna API version advances.

  • Improved ttl configuration for documents by honoring the time-to-live upon read. This is especially useful for keys and tokens.

  • Updated the Java driver support to include Java 11, and to remove Java 8.

  • Update the Python driver support to include Python 3.7 and 3.8.

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