FQL v4 will be decommissioned on June 30, 2025. Ensure that you complete your migration from FQL v4 to FQL v10 by that date.

For more details, review the migration guide. Contact support@fauna.com with any questions.

Logins for GitHub or Netlify users

Currently, Fauna Shell does not support GitHub or Netlify logins. If you signed up for Fauna using your GitHub or Netlify credentials, the fauna cloud-login command asks you for credentials that it cannot currently authenticate.


Use the following steps to complete the authentication for Fauna Shell.

  1. Login to your Fauna account.

  2. Decide whether to authenticate with an existing database, or create a new database.

    1. For an existing database, click its name.

    2. For a new database:

      1. Click the NEW DATABASE button.

      2. In the New Database form, specify a name for your database and press Return (or click SAVE).

  3. In the left sidebar, click SECURITY.

  4. Click the NEW KEY button.

  5. In the New key form, make sure that the Database field is set to my_app.

  6. In the New key form, make sure that the Role field is set to Admin.

  7. In the New key form, specify a name for your access key and press Return (or click SAVE).

  8. Copy the key’s secret that appears near the top of the screen.

    The secret only appears once. If you lose it, the key must be revoked and a new key must be created.
  9. In a terminal window, run:

    fauna cloud-login
    For email login, enter your email below, and then your password.
    For login with 3rd-party identity providers like Github or Netlify,
    please acquire a key from Home > [database] > Security and enter it
    below instead.
    Email or secret key:

    At the prompt, paste the key that you copied from the Shell, and press Return.

That’s it! You can now access the database that you created via Fauna Shell.

See Keys and Tokens for more details on authentication options.

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