Delete a child database.


fauna delete-database DBNAME [OPTIONS]


The delete-database command deletes a child database.

If command line options are omitted, Fauna uses the default configuration file options.

This command deletes the database and all of its contents.

It isn’t possible to use this command to delete a parent or peer database. To delete a database outside of the current database, log into the Fauna Dashboard.


Argument Description


The name of the database to delete.


Option Description


(Optional) Fauna server domain, which is the Fauna hostname.
Default =


(Optional) Endpoint name to use for the command.


(Optional) Connection port.
Default = 8443


(Optional) Connection scheme. Must be one of:
       https (default)


(Optional) Secret to use to connect to a database.


(Optional) connection timeout, in milliseconds. When the interval elapses, fauna-shell times out and displays an error.
Default = 5 seconds


Assume that the current database has only one child database, my-test-db. To delete it, run:

fauna delete-database my-test-db
deleting database 'my-test-db'
database 'my-test-db' deleted

Verify the database is deleted:

fauna list-databases
listing databases

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