Release Notes - FaunaDB 2.6.5

Released 2019-07-11

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the patch update release of FaunaDB 2.6.5. Release 2.6.5 supports rolling updates from the previous 2.6 releases. The release is available for download now.

If you are running FaunaDB version 2.5.4 or prior, you must upgrade to 2.5.8 first and then upgrade to 2.6.5. If you need assistance with the upgrade, contact


This release improves backend stability and addresses customer-found issues.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed issue where, in rare cases, Do() expressions did not run sequentially as they should.

  • Improved the ability for nodes to pull data from other replicas, when necessary.

  • Fixed issue where index partition validator configuration was not properly checked.

Next Steps

Learn more about FaunaDB from our product page.

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