Release Notes - FaunaDB 2.6.4

Released 2019-05-30

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the patch update release of FaunaDB 2.6.4. Release 2.6.4 supports rolling updates from the previous 2.6 releases. The release is available for download now.

If you are running FaunaDB version 2.5.4 or prior, you must upgrade to 2.5.8 first and then upgrade to 2.6.4. If you need assistance with the upgrade, contact


This release addressed bugs found in production, and improve index behavior when working with empty indexes.

Bugs fixed

  • Indexes are now set to active on creation if the source classes are empty.

  • An index’s active flag can no longer be unset once set.

  • Fixed decoding of 21-bit Unicode characters in the storage layer.

  • Removed log warnings about using non-Oracle JVMs.

  • Addressed issues in preparation for future support of JDK 11.

Next Steps

Learn more about FaunaDB from our product page.

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