Query Language API

The Fauna Query Language (FQL) is the primary interface for interacting with a FaunaDB cluster.

While not a general-purpose programming language, it provides much of the functionality expected from one. It allows for complex, precise manipulation and retrieval of data stored within FaunaDB.

The language is expression-oriented: all functions, control structures, and literals return values. So it is easy, for example, to group multiple results together by combining them into an Array or Object, or map over a collection and compute a result—​possibly fetching more data—​for each member.

A query is executed by submitting it to a FaunaDB cluster, which computes and returns the result. Query execution is transactional: No changes are committed if something goes wrong. If a query fails, an error response is returned instead of a result.

This API reference contains descriptions of all functions and expressions provided by the query language.