This section contains reference documentation for FQL, FSL, and other Fauna features or tools.

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FQL language reference

The Fauna Query Language (FQL) reference documentation describes the FQL syntax and the language features available for making Fauna queries.

FQL API reference

The FQL API reference documentation provides detailed information about the methods and data definitions used to query Fauna.

FSL reference

This Fauna Schema Language (FSL) reference documentation describes the schema language syntax and supported schema entity definition formats.

Fauna CLI

The Fauna CLI is a command line tool for running Fauna queries interactively.

Event Streaming reference

Reference documentation for Fauna’s Event Streaming feature. You can use streaming to track changes to a database in an application.

Client drivers

Reference documentation for Fauna’s client drivers.

HTTP API reference

The HTTP API documentation describes the protocol for sending and receiving encoded FQL queries using HTTP.

Develop locally using Docker

A Docker image that runs a single Fauna node in your environment, for development and testing.

Visual Studio Code extension

The Fauna Visual Studio Code extension provides rich support for the Fauna Query Language (FQL) and allows you to run queries, featuring autocompletion and awareness of your database environment.

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