The cookbook section of the Fauna documentation includes task-oriented information organized by functional area to quickly gain an understanding of how to develop applications with Fauna.

Follow these how-tos for a learning experience that walks you through practical, hands-on exercises covering key Fauna concepts and techniques. Cookbooks are organized as a graduated set of recipes, progressing from the most common or basic operations, to more advanced tasks. You can start in the cookbook with the tutorial that matches your experience level.

The associated reference documentation for these cookbooks is found in the Reference section.

What you’ll find here

FQL language and API

This cookbook takes you through hands-on tutorials that provide the foundational Fauna Query Language (FQL) language knowledge needed to develop a Fauna application.

Use the Fauna CLI

This cookbook introduces you to the Fauna Schema Language (FSL). Using configuration and schema files to define your projects and database schema, you can easily make updates to your environment and schema and reliably share those updates.

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