Region Groups

Region Groups is a "technology preview" feature. It is only available in the Fauna Preview environment for testing purposes. Access to the Preview environment is by invitation only.

To request an invitation, contact:

If you’d prefer to discuss Region Groups with our team, you can schedule a call here.

If you have access to the Preview environment, do not use it for production workloads. However, do test Region Groups to see if it supports workloads that you might run in production.

Fauna operates as a multi-cloud service, running on infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Up until now, Fauna has provided "global" replication of transactions and database data by operating in multiple US and EU regions. There are two concerns with this arrangement:

  • There has been no way to specify where data should reside, to adhere to data sovereignty concerns.

  • The speed of light imposes an observable floor for transactional writes.

Region Groups are designed to improve both concerns:

  • Region Groups provide control over where your data resides: each database, its storage, and its compute services would exist in a specific geographic region.

  • The nodes in a Region Group are physically located (relatively speaking) close together, which reduces the round-trip time to acknowledge consistent writes (compared to global replication), improving performance for many workloads.


  • Your account can have as many databases as it needs.

  • Each database can be in a specific Region Group.

  • When a database is in a Region Group, it is fully isolated from other Region Groups, and is never replicated to other Region Groups.


  • A database and all of its contents, including child databases, can only exist in a single Region Group.

  • There is no way to directly transfer a database from one Region Group to another. You would need to implement your own logic to export the documents from one database and import those documents into another.

  • During the technology preview, you can create databases in the Europe, United States, and Global Region Groups.

How to use Region Groups

  1. Use the credentials provided in your invitation to access the Preview environment’s Dashboard.

  2. Sign up with your email address.

  3. Create a new database:

    The Preview Dashboard’s New Database screen, feature the Region Group selector

    1. Specify a name for your database.

    2. Select a Region Group to contain your database.

    3. Optional: check the Pre-populate with demo data checkbox to create some data within the database.

    4. Click SAVE.

  4. Click HOME to view the overview of your databases:

    The Preview Dashboard’s home page, showing databases and their Region Groups

    Notice that the database summary includes a Region Group column to help identify each database’s region group.

  5. Update your client applications to use the connection details for the Preview environment.

    Production Preview


    Connection domain

  6. Run your client applications!


If you are using Region Groups, contact

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