Release Notes - FaunaDB 2.5.6

Released 11/26/2018

The Fauna team is pleased to announce the patch update release of FaunaDB 2.5.6. Version 2.5.6 supports rolling upgrades from previous 2.5 releases. The release can be downloaded here. If you are running your application on the FaunaDB cloud, you are already up and running on this version.


FaunaDB 2.5.6 introduces a few enhancements improving the usability of the product. We are also renaming "logical datacenter" to "replica" in faunadb-admin and other relevant places. The maximum task executor back-off time, which defaulted to 5 minutes, is also now configurable. For the entire list of issues fixed, refer to the section below.

List of Issues Resolved in this Release

  • Fixed tasks being interrupted by reconciliation.

  • Replica name validation does not match the error message.

  • Allow configuration of maximum task executor back-off time.

  • Ensured the correct transaction time is returned by a request’s query eval.

  • Fixed issue where removal of live hosts was not completing.

  • Addressed all ping error when deploying a new version

  • Value modifier data that was previously unused but incorrectly written in previous versions is now automatically cleaned up for use in 2.5.6.

  • Renamed "logical datacenter" to "replica" in faunadb-admin etc.

  • Added a proper catch for cases where someone provides a numeric ID and no class.

  • Emit info level log lines for raft elections and calls for election

  • Fixed potential infinite loop in the Mapper on topology changes.

  • Added a way to defer query computation.

Next Steps

Learn more about FaunaDB from our product page.

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