Add a Node

This page will walk you through the steps to add a node to your existing FaunaDB Enterprise cluster. If you are starting from scratch, please see Set Up A New Cluster.

In order to add a node, you will need at least one node up and running in an existing replica within the FaunaDB Enterprise cluster.

Before You Start

Before you add a node to your Enterprise cluster, take note of the following:

  • If you are adding more than one node while taking live traffic, you will need to have statsd configured with FaunaDB before you begin.

Add a Node

Adding a node can be done in three steps, which we cover below.

  1. Set up the new node’s configuration file (faunadb.yml) with

    • network_datacenter_name: The name of the replica you would like the new node to join, for example: replica_1.

    • network_broadcast_address: the new node’s public IP address

    • network_listen_address: The interface address that FaunaDB will bind to for incoming requests.

    • auth_root_key: The root admin key for the FaunaDB Query API.

  2. Get FaunaDB running on the new node:

    faunadb -c »/path/to/faunadb.yml«
  3. Then join the node to any node in the cluster so that it gets the data it needs:

    faunadb-admin join »IP of any node in the cluster«

    Use the status admin command to see the remaining list of pending data transfers:

    faunadb-admin status

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